Complex Status

As our community goes through the process of getting things back to normal our board members have had the opportunity of visiting the Baytown Soccer Complex to assess the integrity of the Complex. As of now the Complex has incurred no damage other than some flooding near the retention pond. 

Currently the Complex is closed per Harris County and they will communicate to us when the Complex will be open for operation. 

We will continue to update on the status of the Complex and will communicate to BSYSC Coaches and Players as to when they will be able to resume practices at the Complex.

BSYSC is currently coordinating with surrounding soccer associations in order to determine the start of the Fall 2017 season. Associations and Clubs around the area are in the process of assessing their Complex and fields to determine they are safe for operation. 

Opening Ceremony

BSYSC Fall 2017 Opening Ceremony Scheduled for September 7th, 2017 will be postponed until further notice. We will re-coordinate with the vendors and associations who were scheduled to attend the event to determine the next possible date and will communicate via Website and Facebook.

Thank you,

Alejandro F. Cortes

BSYSC President