Baytown and its surrounding areas have been severely affected by the rains during the last couple of days. I hope every BSYSC member, their families, and love ones are well and in good health. 

I would like to extend many thanks and praises to those who by risking their own lives volunteered to evacuate those who were affected by the floods. You are an example to follow and your actions are a manifestation of the values that our club and communities uphold.  

In the next couple of weeks Baytown and its surrounding areas will require the help of everyone from City officials, friends, and neighbors in order to get things back to normal. I plead that you extend a helping hand to those in need at this moment. 

In an effort to help our community BSYSC will be collecting Soccer equipment (Shoes, Soccer Balls, Shin-guards, Soccer related attire, and Misc.) to have available for those families who were affected by the storm. People will also be able to make a financial contribution to anyone person in the club and we will make sure they get 100% of your contribution as well as providing you the proper tax deductible documentation. 

If any BSYSC member is in need of help please let my self or any of the board members know of this and we will help as much as we can. 

Lets come together and come out stronger and more united. 

Baytown Soccer!


Alejandro F. Cortes

BSYSC President