2017 Fall Season


Tomorrow is the beginning of the 2017 East Lake Houston Fall Season and I wish the very best to all of our Players, Coaches, and Parents this season.

Please remember the following:

Coaches and Parents, please review our codes of ethics to make sure we all understand how we are to behave our selves during the games at the Baytown Soccer Complex or any Sports Complex we are visitors in. Remember that every single one of us is an ambassador for BSYSC and its values and lets make sure we represent the Club accordingly.

Please remember that there is a zero tolerance policy regarding referee abuse and that our referees have the authority to end any game if any parent is not following the code of ethics or the rules established. Any misbehavior by any Coach, Parent, or Player can be independently reported via our website and or field marshal at the complex.  

Game Schedules 

This is where you can find all the schedules for this season. Coaches and Parents please make sure to check your schedule the night before your game as they tend to change and get updated during the regular season. 

BSYSC Complex

For those new to the Club and those visiting, this is where you can find information regarding our Complex, location of our fields, its layout and a very nice video of the fields. Baytown Saints, please make sure to refer any visitor to our website to make their visit to our Complex is more pleasant. 

For those of our teams who have already started their appropriate leagues and those who will be starting tomorrow and the week following I wish them a very successful and safe season. Remember that we are all here to learn and grow and that Rome was not built in a day. Lets continue to build and advance this great game of Soccer.

Baytown Soccer!

Alejandro F. Cortes

BSYSC - President