ELHYSA - Referree Classes in BAYSA

During the BAYSA scheduled meeting on Tuesday it was decided to put another Entry Referee class on prior to the start of the season.

Since all BAYSA/East Lake games will be played on Saturdays that would leave Sunday Sept 17 a good day to have as many referee candidates available to attend the training session about field positioning. This date is prior to the opening games for East Lake and day following the opening date for BAYSA. 

Below is the scheduled class at www.stsr.org

Referee - Entry Grade 8 hybrid


Deer Park , TX

Sun 9/17/2017 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Sam Ghalayini




When you registered to play soccer this fall you indicated you would be interested in becoming a Referee. Completing this course you would be a South Texas registered referee that would allow you to referee at any club in the State Association.It is also a good way to make extra money. The fee for the class is $50 registration with USSF and a $30 clinic fee when you register for the class. The Baytown club will reimburse your $50 registration fee after you have officiated at least 5 club games. The club will also pay for your referee kit  which include bag, flags, shirt, shorts, socks whistle and red/yellow card holder. This is about $100 cost which the club absorbs because of the need to have registered referees. 

If you know of anyone that would be interested please notify them to register and attend.

We need as many as we can get to help officiate games as possible.

This is also very close to where we live so drive time to the clinic is greatly reduced.

If you have been notified before and did not register for a class and are still interested please do so since the Law of the Game modules are taken online along with a test after each module. After passing the test on all of the Laws you will be notified of the class on Sunday Sept 17. 


Elo Veselka

ELHYSA President