Field Allocation/Important Dates

Field Allocation -

Coaches it is that time of the year again, our Fall 2017 Season is about to begin. With that said I need for everyone to send me the following information regarding your practices. I understand some of you have sent me this information but please send it again so I can begin to add it to our spread sheet.

You can send me the information via the website of email at

Coaches Name:

Coaches Email / Contact number:

Team Name:

Practice Days and Time:

Field Preferred (link):

I understand some of you have been practicing in a field already but being that we have had additional teams sign up we will be shuffling teams around to Maximize our space and allow everyone an adequate practice area.

I will post the field allocation schedule on this site before the season starts:

Important dates –

Please keep in mind the following dates:

September 16th – Field Work Day - I have only had one coach reply to this and we have 7 people attending to help so far; please make sure to come out to learn how to use some of our equipment, socialize, and help make BSYSC better.

September 18th- BSYSC General Meeting – We are establishing to have a General Meeting a week or two before any season starts to socialize, talk about the season, and answer any questions parents and coaches may have, and let those new people that have register meet the board members.

September 21st – Fall Opening Ceremony – We are having our ceremony at the Baytown Town Square to present our teams. Make sure everyone in your teams wears their uniform for individual and club picture. If you have not received your uniform yet please contact Elo Veselka.


Alejandro F. Cortes

BSYSC President