BSYSC Teams Playing in ELHYSA

Good afternoon Coaches and Team Managers-

The next several weeks of schedules are posted.  

We are watching the weather, please sign up at for updates under bay area youth soccer association.  Also please like the East Lake Houston Youth Soccer Association Facebook page.  Field marshal's will be on hand to make weather calls.

The game schedule like may be found here:

When future weeks of the schedule are available a notice will be sent.

A few things to remember throughout the Spring Session:

ALWAYS wear your KidSafe Pass , the green KidSafe Pass is required by ELHYSA for all volunteers on the player sidelines.  KidSafe passes must have a picture and must be laminated.  Please do not expect to participate without wearing your green KidSafe pass.

ALWAYS check your schedule .  There will be times the schedule changes, a time or a location may be affected.  Check your schedule every Friday evening for changes.

Jewelry is not allowed .  Earrings are not allowed (even covered with a bandaid).  Hair bows with clips, bobby pins, barrettes, anything with a "hard" attachment is not allowed.  Please speak with your players regarding this safety rule ahead of time so it is not an issue during check in.

Player cards are required for each player.  Player cards MUST have a picture and must be laminated.  If you need assistance please speak to your clubs registrar.

Shin guards are required for the safety of the player.

Have your team clean up after themselves after the game.  

U9 and up Game Cards :  Game cards are used during check in and for scorekeeping during the game.  There are no handwritten players allowed on the roster.  Game cards must be provided by both teams.  Game cards must be turned into your clubs scorekeeper by the Monday following your Saturday game.

ELHYSA has a ZERO TOLERANCE referee abuse rule.    Referees are human, they will make mistakes. Many referees are "youth" referees.  You are responsible for your parents words and deeds as well as your own.  Speak to your team and your parents ahead of time and share with them that abuse given to a referee either verbal or physical will not be tolerated and they may be asked to leave the fields at the referees discretion.  Any formal complaint that you may have regarding a referees behavior may be sent to your clubs president.

We look forward to a fantastic, fun filled season.  Thank you for your time and commitment to your team!  


JoAnne Stermon

East Lake Houston Youth Soccer Association Scheduler