Baytown Community,

I would like to again encourage everyone to make you Tax Deductible Donation to Baytown Saints Youth Soccer Club. 

Help grow Baytown Soccer.

With your Donation we will be able to support local talent with Scholarships to register to the Club, acquire State of the art Training Equipment, provide scholarships for Dynamo Academy Training Camps, as well as expansion of the Baytown Soccer Complex and more. 

The first major expansion of the Baytown Soccer Complex will be the addition of light post to include two more fields. Our Club will have to put forth a sizable amount in order for the County and State to match. This will increase our capacity for having additional teams practice any given night while providing support to local High Schools who require a place to play as they continue to develop their facilities. In addition to our Treasurer responsible managing our assets Donations will be an important part to make this happen.

Make sure to visit our Website and Facebook account to see your Donation at work.

Remember that Donations do not have to be extravagant; $5 to $10 dollar donations go a long way. 

We rely on generous people like to you to make BSYSC grow. 

Baytown Soccer!

Alejandro F. Cortes
BSYSC President