I would like to thank Coaches Magnolia and Juan Lopez  for Managing and Leading BSYSC Summer Program as well as everyone else who helped and participated this summer. We had a great turnout this summer as well as the participation of a British Soccer Academy who also had a great turn out. I hope everyone got a great experience out of our Summer Program  and is looking forward for the next summer. 

Complex Preparation:

Special thanks to all who attended our Complex Preparation this past Saturday and Sunday. We still have a lot of work to do in order to get our Complex ready for this Fall Season. We will have additional team and leagues playing in the Complex and additional preparation is still  needed. We will have our Club meeting and Coaches meeting so we can discuss the additional work required and give people a chance to get involved and help grow Baytown Saints Youth Soccer Club.

Fall Registration:

I hope everyone has had a chance to register as a player and coach for the 2017 Fall Season.

Players - If you have registered you will be promptly notified as to weather you were placed in a team. 

Coaches - For those of you who are thinking of becoming volunteer coaches and those coaches that are returning this season I thank you in advance. BSYSC grows from the help and assistance of people with commitment like yours. Please make sure you have completed your registration as well as submitted all proper documentation to process your Background check. All volunteer coaches must remember that interaction with BSYSC players is not allowed until a kidsafe card had been processed and issued by the Club. 

If Players or Coaches have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the website.

We will announce the date of our next meeting as soon as it is scheduled. I look forward to meeting everyone and answering any questions and addressing any concerns. 

Thank you,

Baytown Soccer!

Alejandro F. Cortes