To all,

BSYSC is currently in the process of refunding all parents who registered their kid(s) for the 2017 Spring Season but unfortunately were unable to be placed in a team. 

I can understand that not having you kid placed in a team can be frustrating and BSYSC understands this. But like any Sports organizations out there Coaches are a limited resource and space in rosters is also restricted per game guidelines. 

BSYSC is always actively looking for Volunteer Coaches to train and make part of our Coaching staff. The current volunteer Coaching Staff is composed of dedicated parents who have children in the league as well as dedicated community members who don't have any relatives in the league but enjoy the game and enjoy supporting their community by creating a safe and engaging environment for striving soccer players. 

If you, or anyone you know, would like to join us a Coach Volunteer don't hesitate to Contact us; we will provide the training and the tools you need to provide kid with a safe and engaging environment for Soccer.  

With this said, BSYSC is processing refunds. If you would like to know the status of your refund please contact us via our website or Facebook and we will gladly update you on the status of your refund. 


Alejandro F. Cortes

BSYSC President