2017 Fall Championships - DISTRICT


Thank you to all of the BSYSC teams that represented their club by participating in the leagues we are members of - ELHYSA, BAYSA, DDL, etc....

I was personally able to see a significant amount of BSYSC teams play this season and I was very content with the level of competition our teams can provide as well as the level of professionalism and commitment from our Coaches. 

Than you for all of your efforts and sacrifice this season and we hope to see you in the fields next season ready to practice, improve, and compete as well to represent our Club and values. 

2017 Fall Championship Playoffs 

I would like to congratulate all of the teams that successfully qualified to participate in the 2017 Fall Championship - District Playoffs. This will be a great experience for those BSYSC Teams and Players attending for the first time as well as an opportunity for returning teams to leave it all in the field and qualify to State Playoffs. 

The schedule for the 2017 Fall Championship - District Playoffs is now up in the STYSA website and can be found here. All teams who qualified for an allocation needs to take the time and review the tournament rules as well as the schedule to make sure they are present in their corresponding field and scheduled time. Please review the section regarding Coaches and Player Cards to make sure every Coach has the necessary paperwork for the tournament. 

If there are any questions regarding your allocation, game schedule, etc, please contact us as soon as possible using our contact button via the website and we will help you to the full extent of our capabilities. Please be reminded that just like we are participatory members of our corresponding leagues we are a participatory member of STYSA District Playoffs and all game schedules and locations are established and modified by STYSA and not BSYSC. 

Remember to report any injuries that any player may incur that require medical treatment and make sure to familiarize yourself wit our Medical Forms in case they are needed during the tournament or any STYSA approved competition a BSYSC team is part of. 

I wish everyone good luck. Remember that as a member of BSYSC you represent our Club and its values.

Alejandro F. Cortes