Baytown Saints Youth Soccer Club,

I would like to inform our members and community that Baytown Saints Youth Soccer Club is now able to receive donations from individuals and corporations.

I would like to encourage everyone in our organization and community, from individuals, small businesses, and corporations to Donate to our organization; our payment system is Safe and Secure to use.

Your Donations will allow us to continue to provide our players and community with state of the art facilities that are safe and well maintained, as well as coaching training, training equipment, player training courses, and more. Help us and Donate to build a Club and organization that we can all be proud of. 

As President of this Club I have already Donated and will continue to Donate and support this fine organization. I trust we can count on your Donation. 

Thank you,

Alejandro F. Cortes

Baytown Saints Youth Soccer Club


For it is in giving that we receive.
— Francis of Assisi


Visit our Donations page to see the types of corporate donations that are available or directly go to our Donate button to donate any amount you can; remember that any amount helps.