1. Summer Nights:
    1. To be Managed by Magnolia
    2. Starts: Second Week of June (June 12th)
    3. Runts up to: August 16th
    4. Days and Time: Tuesday and Thursday - 6 to 7 pm
    5. Send out Email to all Club by Second week of May with link to the website for registration and participation requirements
    6. Send out Email to all current Coaches for Volunteering with Summer program
      1. All Volunteers to contact Magnolia
  2. Player Acknowledgements
    1. Establish a page on website for Player Acknowledgements
    2. Set up submission form on Website (Alejandro)
    3. Parents will need to submit for (to be established) and BSYSC to proof and publish with 3 pictures Max.
  3. Referees 
    1. Discussion regarding current incentive structure
    2. Current Referee Incentive Structure:
      1. All new referees will have to procure courses and own equipment to referee games.
      2. BSYSC will reimburse all new referees course and equipment investment after 5 full games have been satisfied.
    3. No modification to current Referee Incentive Structure.
  4. Challenger Summer Camp
    1. Keep structure from last summer
      1. Provide a field with in the Complex
      2. Promote event with in BSYSC
      3. Challenger to run Summer Camp on agreed upon date 
  5. Tryouts 
    1. Keep structure from last summer with minor modifications
      1. Tryouts to start during the Third week of May
      2. Dates: 17, 23, and 26
        1. Set up registration page on website
        2. Set up tryouts numbers and forms
        3. Field preparation (signs for ages)
  6. Refunds
    1. Status from Registrar
    2. Refunds are completed
  7. Summer Meetings
    1. No Summer Meetings
    2. Meetings to Resume in August