Rules and Regulations

  1. Teams are a mix of four and five year old girls and boys.

  2. 4 v 4 on playing field with eight players per team.

  3. Ball Size:  3

  4. Field size:  15 yds. x 20 yds.   Max(20 yds. x  30 yds.)       

  5.  Goal size:  4 ft. x 6 ft.                            

  6. Games are on Mondays starting  at 6:00 pm at the Baytown Soccer complex field bt-21 fields a through d.

  7. Shin guards MUST be worn during games and during practice and be covered by a soccer sock.  No shin guards, no play.

  8. Soccer shoes with plastic cleats or tennis shoes may be worn.

  9. Parents sit on one side of the field and players sit with their team on the other side of the field.  Please inform parents to sit a minimum of four feet from the sideline and not behind the goal.

  10. Before the playing season starts, we recommend two practices a week.  Once games begin, we recommend one practice a week.

  11. No score is kept at this age.

  12. Each player plays half a game.

  13. There are four- eight minute quarters with 2 minutes between quarters and 5 minutes between halves.

  14. Begin play by flipping a coin or other object.

  15. Change goals at half time.

  16. A coach from each team is permitted on the field with the players for the first four games.  After that time, the coach can be on the field to help set the players and then leave the playing field.  Coaching from the sideline is permitted. Let the players try.

  17. NO stationary keeper in front of the goal or in the back field.  Let the kids score.

  18. NO pushing, shoving, or tripping.

  19. NO off sides will be called.

  20. NO throw- ins.  All balls will be kicked in from the sidelines.

  21. Substitutions can be made by informing the referee you want to substitute.

  22. A student referee in training will be the official referee of the game.  DO NOT give the referee a hard time.  He/She has the final call, right or wrong.

  23. Home team sets up the field—putting up the goals, flags, and striping the field if needed.

  24. Away team takes the field down—returning all equipment to the storage facility.


    1. Water is the best drink for the players during the game.  Some do bring Gatorade.  At HALF TIME ONLY, you can provide oranges, grapes, or apple slices for the players.  Again, we have found these items are best for the players.

    2. Have a parent as an Assistant Coach and a Team Mom to help organize halftime snack, etc.

    3. Team A and Team B play a full 8 minute quarter.  This will build their stamina to play and they will play better by having more continuous time on the field, instead of only four minutes playing time per quarter.  You may start the first couple of games with four minute sessions, but work toward the full eight minute quarter.  If a player wants off the field during an eight minute playing session, you can substitute.

Rules modifications and additions

1. Goal kicks

A goal kick is when the ball crosses the goal line by the opposing team.  The ball is taken to the goal box to be kicked in.  If team red kicks the ball over the blue team goal line, then team blue will kick the ball in from the goal box ares.